Dec 28, 2014

Cast Heart

Cast Heart - front

Cast Heart - back

This was my second puzzle which I got in my puzzle collection. I wanted something a bit more difficult than my first puzzle ("Cast W-U" with difficulty 3 out of 6). However, maybe because of the fact that it was my second puzzle and I had no experience with puzzles so far, or simply because it is indeed a harder one, I had great difficulties in solving it. It took me several days to find out the solution. I tried many moves, which lead to something impossible to separate. I even created a paper and string version, which I tried to put together just to see how they came up with the idea of the knot. But it was unsuccessful. Then, after about 10 days (with some breaks, of course) I pushed my brain and found out what has to be done in order to separate the small heart from the bigger, chained one. It was pure logic. I doubt that someone could solve this puzzle by chance, as it requires more logic than luck. This, together with its looks, makes "Cast Heart" one great puzzle, a wonderful gift for aestetic people. Rated 4 out of 6 by Hanayama, this is one of their best puzzles according to me. And here is how I rate it:
Idea: 5
Implementation: 5 (one of the most beautiful puzzles I have)
Experience: 5
Difficulty: 4
Overall: 4.75
Cast Heart - separated
P.S. It is exactly 4 years since I got this puzzle (one year after I got my first puzzle "Cast W-U"). I remember choosing two puzzles back then, one was "Cast Helix" and the other was either "Cast Heart", or another one. I don't remember which one I was going to choose instead, but at the end I saw that I have picked "Cast Heart". So, after all, my initial choice was the one which I got.

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