Dec 4, 2014


Welcome to LL's puzzle space!
In this space I will be posting information and reviews about puzzles which I have in my collection. You will be able to share your opinions in the comments and give me feedback at any time.
Now, before starting, let me tell you a few words about me:
I am Lyubomir Lalev from Bulgaria. I got keen on 3D puzzles few years ago and it is the Hanayama Cast puzzles which started my desire to make a puzzle collection. Before that, when I was a child, I had few 3D toys puzzles and I really enjoyed playing with them. But now, when I am grown up, I found that I still have this vibe about puzzles and I am happy to open my first blog space for sharing all my thoughts and emotions on puzzles!
Have a nice time reading and do not forget to puzzle!

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