Jan 1, 2015

EZ Atom

“EZ Atom” is one of the most beautiful puzzles I have got. Consisting of three perpendicular to each other ellipses and a ball situated in between them, the goal of this puzzle is to separate all four pieces. Looking at them, you might come up with the idea for the solution, but still there is a high probability that you are stumbled on your very first go in solving it. That is because the pieces are made in a specific way, which allows them staying together, forming a beautiful atom-like object.
When disassembled, you can see that the three ellipses are different not only in color, but in shape as well – one has only one cut (opening) on it (the structure is not completely closed), the other two have two and three cuts correspondingly. I fell in love with this puzzle quickly and even though it is rated at level 6 (from 5 to 10 as per Puzzle Master’s ratings*), I think it is a nice object to have. My final personal ratings for it are:
Idea: 5
Implementation: 5
Experience: 4
Difficulty: 2
Overall: 4
This puzzle is suitable for beginners, but don’t be overtaken by the obstacle you encounter on your first go with it.

EZ Atom - separated

* You can check the puzzle here

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