Jan 24, 2015

EZ Unlink

This is another puzzle from the series "EZ" metal puzzles designed by Doug Engel (the other two are "EZ Atom" and "EZ Galaxy"). Actually, I am not aware if there are others in this specific series, whose names start with "EZ".
I don't know what this "EZ" stands for (does it stand for the designer's initials, although they seem to be different - D.E., or does it mean "easy"). Whatever the case is, I like this puzzle. It is designed to look like a 12-pointed star, consisting of four different triangles, three of which are the same, but in different colors, and one is just a closed contour of a triangle. They are put together in a nice form and could be separated easily. If you don't pay attention to how you disassemble the pieces (or even how the form looks like when they are assembled), then you will definitely have difficulties in putting them back together.
Personally, I have tried to follow the order which is depicted on the picture of the assembled version for the puzzle. I guess the pieces could be put in a different order as well, as three out of the four pieces are the same, as I already stated. But in any case, the orientation of the pieces is what is important and one has to find out by themselves how to put them in order to assemble the puzzle back into a 12-pointed star.
My ratings for "EZ Unlink" are the following:
Idea: 4
Implementation: 4
Experience: 4
Difficulty: 3
Overall: 3.75
In general, I like such puzzles, for which the solution is easier in one direction and more difficult in the other. That means the solution is not just that straightforward and something about it requires more details from the solver/player. Give it a try* and have fun.

* You can check the puzzle at PuzzleMaster here

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