Mar 13, 2015

Yin & Yang

Two Yin & Yang have been put together to make this puzzle. Each Yin & Yang consists of two pieces - one black and one white, representing the famous symbol of evil and good.
"Yin & Yang" is one very expensive puzzle, in my opinion. Wherever I see it, its price is higher than the ones for other more complicated and more appealing puzzles. And in Europe and here in Bulgaria its price is in times bigger than others. To be honest, this is my least favourite puzzle in my collection. It is extremely easy. I solved it in less than a minute after getting it out of the package. Then, I put it together for another minute. Afterwards, I did not need any more attempts in order to comprehend the solution. So, in total, two minutes of a play with this puzzle.
I do find the idea of the puzzle intriguing, though. But it is not complex and is implemented with ease. I can't understand why the price is such then.
Nevertheless, I keep this puzzle just because it gives me some inspiration on coming up with ideas for puzzles on my own. It is also a nice object to have on display. However, due to the fact that (almost) every other puzzle, which I have, has this feature, together with everything else "Yin & Yang" does not have, I am afraid I cannot give high ratings.
Idea: 3
Implementation: 2
Experience: 1
Difficulty: 1
Overall: 1.75
I would recommend this puzzle only two parents, who want to ignite their children's interest on such puzzles.

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